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OPL Hylite Lamp

OPL Hylite Lamp

Price: £250.00
OPL ‘Hylite’. A transformed 12 volt 20 watt quartz halogen lamp, for gemmological use with a focused high intensity light beam, designed specifically for use with the OPL range of instruments.

With a flexible swan-neck & rear aperture for transmitted light spectroscopy, allowing specimens to be placed directly on to the lamp head, as shown in "A Students’ Guide to Spectroscopy" by C. Winter. Flexible in all directions this lamp is ideal for use with all OPL instruments & is also suitable as a microscope lamp.

Weight 1400 grams.

Supplied with a UK style 3 pin plug. For 110v countries obtain local 220/240v to 110v stepdown transformer.

Picture 1 shows the Hylite in the normal position, picture 2 shows the Hylite at 45 degrees with a stone on the rear aperture for transmitted light spectroscopy.

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